Hi, Anyone familiar w/ S Leekya

Hi! I recently acquired this “fetish”necklace, Tag says S Leekya. I’m wondering if it’s authentic and if so what is the approximate value I’m curious about its age also
thank you so much :heart:


Don’t know enough to be of much help but yes I recognize the name and think you have found a great necklace.


I think it’s referring to Sarah Leekya, the well-known carver who was the daughter of Leekya Deyuse. But there are things that don’t look right to me. Mostly, these fetishes appear to be sawed flat at the base, which is not how Sarah’s fetishes were. They were made in the round, by which I mean fully done to be in keeping with the animal’s form as she interpreted it. Her birds sometimes had a pedestal sort of foot, but not flat.
The other concerns: I am unaware of a metal hang tag style for her hallmark. This was a Quandelacy family thing, but I haven’t seen it for her. And her hallmark style looks different in a fetish necklace that’s credibly by her, with a stamped hallmark on a cone. I can’t vouch for this other listing, but it seems close to right.



Interesting! Do you think this is a fake made to defraud?

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It’s possible someone tried to imitate her carving for that bad purpose, but on the other hand it seems like such an obscure thing to do. But then I’m not in that business, lol.

These fetishes do have her “knobby” look, but it’s also a carving style that could be imitated fairly easily by a semi-talented faker. I’d also want to see how well the eyes correspond to her work. If the eyes on her fetishes were always filled in flush to the surface and not sunken, as here, that would be a detail that could be missed by an imitator, so a good tell. Hopefully others who know her work will chime in.

I’ve had fetishes by her for many years. The main thing I’d notice is how lively or witty these fetishes are: hers have definite spirit in them. A very Leekya quality.


You are a veritable wealth of information. I tend much more toward Dine’ and don’t have a lot of knowledge about Zuni. Another learning experience. Thank you :blush:


Thank You for the information, you pointed out some things that I would not have considered (the eyes & flat bottoms) Some of the carvings seem to have little expressions, others not so much!
Could the tag be a traders tag? Or inventory type of tag?

there’s a space between the K and the Y. But when I turn the tag over I don’t see an imprint where another letter would be so it’s just a space. :woozy_face:

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These pieces are attributed to Sarah in Slaney’s Leekya Master Carver of Zuni Pueblo. The fetishes do have a similarity to the one shown in the book.


Hi, I really like this necklace regardless of who made it. Are you considering selling the piece? If so I would be interested.

Hi, sorry if this posts twice my initial reply vanished.

I had it confirmed that it is indeed a Sarah Leekya. I’m keeping it, it’s the one piece I go to when I feel I need some good luck. I wear it under my shirt close to my heart, good vibes :slight_smile:


Congratulations! Wear it in good health!

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