Hi. Concho belt hallmark mystery.

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Mm sorry I am old and can’t figure out how to drag and drop on Android. Don’t know if this will work.
I cannot find any info on this Hallmark. Thank you for your time.

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Yeah that didn’t work, you should be able to use
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I hope this works this time. Apologies to all to wasted there time looking at previous post. Found a young person who was able to put pics on laptop.
The unusual conchos are all marked underneath the brass fittings with the same hallmark. Very hard to see tho and couldn’t photograph. On the conchos the “tail” of the “reverse P” is shorter.
The Pantania family kindly responded to me that while the buckle resembles their work, the conchos definitely do not and they do not recognize the hallmark.
Any thoughts on the maker greatly appreciated.

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in the 5th edition of Hougarts book the word “conjoined” is found 390 times.
non of the examples resemble this reversed P F combination

a search for F (conjoined) returned 9 hits
a search for P (conjoined) returned 12 hits
a search for F P (conjoined) zero
a search for P F (conjoined) zero
a search for reversed - 2 hits no match
a search for backward - 17 hits no match

Patania hallmarks show conjoined but not with a reversed P

I guess you mean these parts were sold on a leather strap as a concho belt? The “conchos” aren’t related to the buckle in design or origin. The buckle seems to be in keeping with Navajo modernist, or Patania style, while the slide pieces are Arts and Crafts style or perhaps Celtic.

I’m curious if there’s a silver stamp or hallmark on the conchos?

Thank you both.
Yes all the pieces were found all together on a black leather belt.
I took them off to examine them. All the conchos have the same hallmark and also the s s.
You really have to peer under the brass fittings to see the hallmarks so it is difficult to photograph.
I assumed ( which is dangerous ) that the s s meant sterling silver but you are right, I need to test them.
I agree that they do not seem to go together but there they were all together with the same hallmark.


a google reverse image search brought up these results > https://lens.google.com/search?p=AXAp4wgO6tqFyHUIPiwVzrWhE5Jk8KoDyOJ8HtBlIzHhO9Fi4bfhBrBYP_JsRiXCVGf–A2qPfK1CAcOXPb3vOcqFSko4l1E7Mc6fyVQqw69yhg-a2YrPD9x3KDnl19K_KeFf-kTl2osTjnaJUsOreZGcnHftEHvZQHdROdDrkFCSifRIEeFSpHnKOapPFJz8gT15t3KNNP_L1UTYj8mroxIH45rIqxztwKq-fH0Aqt1tpmMcC0Ines2&ep=gisbubb&hl=en&re=df&pli=1#lns=W251bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsbnVsbCxudWxsLG51bGwsIkVrY0tKR1U1WmpRMk5HUmxMVGxoWldNdE5EUmhZeTFoTVdJekxUWXdaVFEwTW1WbE9EQTBNUklmVlRGblJVTlFOVnBxWlUxYWMwRmhRM1F0VldoaFp6VmxWekJqV1ZaU1p3PT0iLG51bGwsbnVsbCxbW251bGwsbnVsbCwiMS0zIl0sWyIxYzRjN2M3NS04ZDc2LTQzNDEtODg0NC1iMDQxYTUyMzFmM2UiXV1d

and nothing here under F or P is a match > https://www.925-1000.com/americansilver__Init_F.html

may not be American maker, possible Danish, Germain origin. lots more to search there.

Thank you.
I tested buckle and 2 conchos and they test for sterling.
Interesting you mention possible foreign origin. It struck me that we mostly see the sterling or 925 mark here. Wonder if the S S mark is more common elsewhere.

Coincidentally, today’s Medicine Man Gallery email blast included a 1940s-50s Patania Sr. Thunderbird Shop concho belt whose buckle is clearly the source for this knockoff (paired with, of course, the coordinating conchos). The buckle is 2.5" x 3"; I wonder how big the copy is.

By the way, Mexican silversmiths had quite an industry of knocking off famous Georg Jensen designs (with less detail and in lighter gauge).


And here’s one with stones…


@TAH, That’s my friend Kathy Vidal’s store, Crown Jewel & Coin in Albuquerque. She helped me get the five piece set with blue gem turquoise and coral on the back of the pieces by Wil Vandever. Her and her husband Larry are wonderful people. We had a wonderful long lunch at Sadie’s Mexican restaurant in Albuquerque when I was there in February. I thought I would throw in a blatant plug for them. By the way her selection in her store is truly world class! And she supports a lot of the local artist


We might go to ABQ this summer for a bit to visit our nephew, so I will have to check them out! After Cowboys and Indians Antiques…

from the Crown Jewels & coin listing, a comparison of the marks.

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@Ziacat , you could also add “The Palms Trading Co.” and “Gertrude Zachary” They are across the street from each other in old town. The Palms is at 1504 Lomas Blvd NW. with GZ across the street at 1501. Crown Jewels & Coin is at 3248 San Mateo Blvd.


Thank you! I’ve not been to Gertrude Zachary’s; I’ll have to check it out. I’ve got a good book on southwest trading posts/shops, but it had quite a few in ABQ, so I only had time for a couple the last time we visited (summer '21). I did go to Palms, and it was great. I bought a ring (the artist had just been in before we got there), and they fixed some of my jewelry for a great price while I was there.

My nephew is a fed agent and had just moved to ABQ. His first case there dealt with a fake native jewelry ring, so he didn’t have a lot of faith in my shopping ability :laughing: But he did take us to a lot of great New Mexican restaurants. He said, “they eat chile on EVERYTHING here.” Which is one of the many reasons I love NM, and now he does too.

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Thanks again. My buckle is the same size 3 x 2.5. the oddball conchos are 1.5 x 1.5.

Here’s another. This time with punched holes and stamp work.

Thank you. Sadly, the Pantania family said mine is not their work.

I got that email blast too and thought of this thread, but didn’t have the time to go back and check the match and post about it