Hi Everyone would like some info please on lighter cover

Hi All
I have just purchased this lighter case,I was told that it is 1970s, there is no signature,any info is greatly appreciated please.

Thank you in advance for all your help

Details of the advert below

Vintage Navajo Cigarette Lighter Case Cover Holder Turquoise Coral Silver Sleeve. Dispatched with Royal Mail 2nd Class.

1970’s Hand Made Navajo Native Sterling Silver Coral/Turquoise Cigarette Lighter Case, Please Note No Name or Stamp.

7cm long & 2.5cm Width & is made to fit a Bic style lighter.

This is rare & authentic Navajo which I purchased in New Mexico, USA in late 1970’s

Case is in excellent condition as can be seen from photographs & have not polished or cleaned to maintain rustic appearance.

Weighs 19 grams


Great looking piece, think that description is a match. These are still made, although not as popular as the 70s which your piece is from. Before buyers where concerned with the actual artists it was whether it was authentic Indian Handmade. Lots of different attempts to authenticate pieces, like this NAVAJO stamp.


Thank you Jason that is fantastic news,I got it at a snip so I’m very happy and will be using it as it was made for :hugs::grinning:

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Check the silver content! Alot of these were made with Nickel Silver casings… Only the setting of the stones being Sterling. Bic Lighters were created in 1973. So you know it is at least that old! I own two one for the standard Bic and one for the micro Bic. I love them both!


@Christibo that 1973 bic information is a piece of good knowledge.

In the early to mid 1980’s Thunderbird Supply in Gallup had this blank for sale in both sterling and nickel silver.

Thank you for all your help​:hugs::blush:

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