Hi, I am Jill, just joined this wonderful group!

Was wondering if Raymond Boyd pieces are worth anything, or is anyone coleecting these pieces? Seems like older pieces are no longer desireable?? Confused!

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Raymond Boyd is still making his bird inlay pieces and they have a value. I imagine it might be like Zuni cluster jewelry one day. His style is thought of as a Zuni style, not Navajo. However, many of those Zuni inlayers that made the bird pieces are no longer around or making them. His work will probably become more collectible as time passes. Same thing has happened with Navajo turquoise cluster jewelry, use to be Zuni work was more desirable but not many making it now. The Navajo pieces have become the better pieces.


It seems like the “older” craftsmanship is not that desireable, but I think they it’s better than the newwe things made. I find this art to be beautiful!


I am one that generally prefers older…but good craftsmanship matters in old or new. But tastes and styles change in everything.

Course then I surprise myself and like something completely out of character. You just never know.


Yes, totally agree with you on that!!