Hi I'm trying to find out what kind of turquoise this is!

<img src="/uploads/db1846/original/2X/1/15f92c6f38e5edde029d36724b5d5ee484bfd03e.jpg" width=“281” height=“500”>

This should be fun, you can get scientific. I imagine you have chrysocolla here, but I did see somebody mentioned lapis. You can use the mohs hardness scale to figure out which one you have. Chrysocolla will chip using a finger nail or copper penny. Lapis is a harder material and you will need a knife or nail to chip the material. Have fun.

Hi Jason! So regarding the experiment it seems to be a bit of both! Is that possible? It also seems to have some kind of metallic vein through it… like silver, it’s very shiney! It also seems to have some copper! It’s a very unique piece and is love to attempt to make some jewelry out of it… do you think that’d be possible? I’m a newbie!!

Yeah, that is why I never did well in geology class. We see chrysocolla made into jewelry, it is a very nice stone once polished. It is a close relative to turquoise and is often found in the same area. Goodluck making your jewelry.