Hi lovely turquoise people would you be able to help with this cuff please

Hi all of you lovely people.
would any of you be able to help with this cuff that I am looking at purchasing please.
I am new to this but I am so passionate about learning everything I can about all turquoise would you be able
Identify the turquoise and if it is genuine
Identify signature
And a rough value

I would really appreciate all of your help please

Thank you :blush: x


A number of Begay’s and Becenti’s have used that RB mark, it could even an early Running Bear shop mark. I believe I remember something about the R being slightly bigger is significant. Sorry I don’t have more time to investigate this morning.

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Here’s what I found in Hougart’s 3d: Richard and Rita Begay, Navajo, channel inlay, mosaic inlay, stamp work; cabochons. Husband and wife share stamp; sometimes the R is larger than the B. Hope this helps!


I’m sure that must be what I was thinking of with the larger R

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Thank you all so much for your valuable time

Would you know the turquoise origin please

Looks to be stabilized Kingman, something like $225.

Thank you Jason :slightly_smiling_face: I appreciate your time

This might be from the Turquoise King Mine in Battle Mountain District Nevada