Hi--sort of a newbie, sort of not

Hi–glad to have found this forum! I spent a lot of my early years in AZ in the 1970s and vividly remember that era. I’ve seen a lot of stuff, then and later, but have so much to learn about this vast topic. A lot of the guides can be a bit frustrating–some really basic info, then tons of photos of stuff I couldn’t afford and would never encounter in daily life. No such problems here! I’ve already learnt so much just reading old threads. I’ve got a question, though–is it OK to post old dealer photos of your finds? I tend to save these because they’re often better than the photos I could take myself. Either way is fine. I’m just trying to avoid problems later on. Thanks!



I’m new here also and learning so much. My opinion is the more images, the better; particularly if there’s informative text.

Welcome, don’t see a problem of adding those images.

Welcome to the group : )

Cool–I just wanted to make sure. They’re just old photos, really. I don’t get into dollar amounts much or name people at all. A lot of times, I don’t really remember, anyway! Will get some together soon. It’s fascinating to see what’s out there, so hopefully I can reciprocate a bit. Thanks for the welcome!

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Welcome to the website!