Hinged bracelet

This bracelet is marked only 950. Intricate inlay work, but not the finest quality. Do you think it could be Native American? The birds look Inuit, but I’m certainly not an expert. Thank you

Nice piece! I have a thing for this sort of stuff. I believe what you have is Mexican, small possibility it’s Peruvian. 950 is a standard that is and was used there. The clasp also in very in line with the Mexican style. Not sure if it is Taxco, as there are no other markings. Think of the Mayan’s and Aztec’s when you look at those birds. Very nice looking bracelet! Hope that helps!

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I don’t know why, but I thought Peruvian the moment I saw it!

Great to learn from you, Christibo. I’ve seen this kind of inlay before, but I just vaguely knew it was South American, and that covers a lot of countries and traditions.