His and Hers Bracelet Sets


is that it :wink: . great pics.

Nice pieces. Where did you get them? How long ago? Artist?

I design and sell jewelry. All 3 of the his/her bracelet sets are made by Sammie Kescoli Begay. I do a lot of design/build work with him, Tommy Jackson, Theresa Mayette, Tim Busch, Emerson/Elvira/Nora Bill - and others. I have a large selection of stones, plus do my own lapidary work. With my business, you can pick your own stones and we design, or you can design your own custom piece…instead of just getting a piece off the shelf ! Lol

Daniel Krueger

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Beautiful work ! I really love those stones that are mostly black with splashes of color, the contrast really makes the colors pop.

They are new, I design jewelry and have Navajo Master Silversmiths create the artwork ! All three of these are by Sammie Kescoli Begay.

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