Hopi bracelet with Kokopelli figures - Help for identifying hallmark

I got this bracelet as a present 30 years ago but was never able to identify the silversmith. It has twi hallmarks: the fist one looks like a raincloud, the second like a kachina figure (although the head is missing - I think it has rubbed off while wearing the bracelet over the years but I am not sure of this). Can anyone identify the silversmith and give me an idea how old the bracelet might be and what it is worth today? Thanks

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One resource online states that one mark can be attributed to “Kopavi,” a Hopi jeweler.

I also found this mark:

This website attributes the rain cloud mark to Kopavi and Bueford Dawaboya, so perhaps your bracelet is a collaboration? Maybe someone else can clarify further. I also noticed that Kovapi Art and Jewelry Gallery is still making jewery out of Sedona, Arizona. Here is a screen shot from their website explaining the Kopavi mark:

As far as a value is concerned, I would sell this cuff for $75 in my store. Hope this helps you jumpstart your research! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you so much for your effort! I really appreciate it.

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