Hopi Hallmark Help!

Could not locate this rabbit hallmark in my book of Hopi silver hallmarks, maybe someone else here recognizes it.

During my research I was able to find this similar hallmark, but the jewelry does not appear to be Hopi. Maybe it’s a shop mark?

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WOW! I think the ring is a miss stamp from Harry Nutumya. I have actually see two other rings miss stamped like this long ago. Check his work out, very similar. The Zuni bear is more of a mystery, I have seen multiple similar bears like this in the past 5 years. Have you tested the arrow? I am betting it is 10 - 14K gold fill. That in itself may put you onto the right track. Have you tried Google image search on the bear?

The bear pendant is not mine, I found it while google searching for the rabbit hallmark. I just thought that the rabbit hallmark on the ring was difficult to make out, so I included the bear for reference. But thank you for the Nutumya name, I will take a look into him and see what I come up with!

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This looks like maker! Looks like misstampped hallmarks were somewhat common with Nutumya. Started silversmithing in 1992 and is still working today.

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This would go with my new to me Hopi bracelet! What size is that ring? I Love, love that bear (wish it were mine) and Christibo is probably right about the arrow, although it could possibly be gold filled too. I have a feather ring with gold filled spine/cartilage or whatever you want to call it…? It has never faded so far.