"Hopi" or fake - your opinion is needed

Continuing the discussion from Hopi Sterling Silver Pendant Longhair Kachina - help me identify hallmark:

While posting the original topic in July I did not doubt that this was HOPI made. But since I could not identify the hallmark until now and from looking into the rather crudely finished design I am thinking this might be a “fake hopi design”.

What is your opinion? Can you identify the hallmark?

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I remember your original post, and not once did I think it was fake. I think it’s drop- dead gorgeous, and it is definitely something I would buy for myself. I have a book of Hopi Hallmarks and I was unable to find anything. It could be a newer piece, maybe that’s why we’re having trouble finding the mark? Please let me know if you ever decide to sell it, I just absolutely adore it :heart: