Hoping for some help with this spoon, please

I picked up this silver long spoon (like an ice tea spoon) in a local estate. It tests 90% silver and is clearly hand made. You can see the hammer marks and the “folds” on the back from the ingot. I believe it’s likely Navajo and probably 1920’s-1930’s tourist-type thing. Tipis, whirling logs, arrows. The woman who had it died in the 1930’s. If anyone can help with a possible maker. I would really appreciate it.

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Can’t help you with ID, but just wanted to say it is pretty neat!!! I’ve never seen anything like that. :star_struck:

How unique.
The Thunderbird/Eagle and arrows on the bowl might be a good place to start researching.
Do you know anything else about the former owner? Where she lived? Where she traveled?
All of these might help.

Yes, spoons were made in some quantity for the tourist trade, and there’s an excellent book about them. If you search Navajo spoon on eBay there are occasionally ones like this, but most are smaller (and you can see what they sell for). Fun find!

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Very cool piece. 90% silver content suggests coin silver. Coins would be melted into an ingot and then hammered, rolled out to desired shape. You hear that traders would have one ounce slugs, it would be interesting to get a weight.

Thanks for the tip on the book. I ordered it. Who would have thought there was a book just on these spoons?! I have had later ones but I believe this is earlier. Still for the tourists, but cool. Thanks again!

Thanks Jason. It weighs 25 grams so it’s a bit short of an ounce. I would have guessed heavier than that so I’m glad I weighed it. I assumed coin silver. I have access to an XRF tester so it’s pretty accurate.

She’s been dead for about 70 years so there’s no help there. They were a very wealthy manufacturing company owner and her great granddaughter is beginning to let things go. There’s silver from all over the world in the estate. Thanks for our input!

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Thank you! Somewhere in my stuff I have a couple of others but they are later and smaller- more Harvey-Era-style stamped.

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