Hoping to learn more about a squash blossom necklace

I recently obtained my first squash blossom necklace and it has a really great energy with it! The blossoms are quite different…they remind me of our old radiator keys. I would love to hear what the “peeps” might be able to reveal about it (decade, style, type of turquoise, etc). The only thing I know about it, from the woman I purchased it from, was it was given to her first husband shortly after he started his medical practice from a Native American family he treated in New Mexico. It is quite heavy and has no markings on it that I can find.

Thank you in advance for your thoughts on it!


very nice Sandcast Squash Blossom! It must be quite heavy! Stunning! The Navajo Pearls look to be real bench beads, hand made not machined. You have a treasure there! I will defer to the pros on the age and turquoise type. Very beautiful!


A very nice necklace for sure. Appears to have some age.

Thank you so much for your insight! I hadn’t thought of the blossoms as sand cast because they are all slightly different. I would have thought they would use the same mold for all of them.

I bet if you look under magnification at them there will be two or more similar patterns to them. :cowboy_hat_face:1-2 pours 3 or 4 if you are very lucky before it cracks.

Yes. Your close up photo shows slight variations on some of the flowers. This indicates sand cast.
Can you take more photos, close up of both sides? This will help determine if the round beds are hand or machine made.