Horse Head Under Glass Something

Another interesting item of ancestor’s jewelry.
I cannot tell what the 3-dimensional horse is made from. It appears to be stone, with the black areas painted. Only the black areas are painted. The glass dome over the horse is very scratched and loose.
The back appears to be some type of stone with a hardness around 7. It does not scratch like glass would.
Not magnetic.

This may be another watch fob. There is no place to attach a traditional
ring so it would hang straight.
No markings.

Could anyone possibly date this or know what it is?


Maybe the back is sardonyx? Some antique cameos were made using sardonyx. The fob seems to be of the right period for that.

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Thank you. I just looked at the horse again under a loop. It might be sardonyx, too.
It appears to be carved from something with layers of color.


You’re welcome. Sardonyx is known for its banded layers so perhaps that’s the stone. Hopefully, others on the forum will provide their knowledge & insight on this.


It is reverse carved and painted on rock crystal.
I think 1920s.
Too bad yours is scratched up. It was apparently very loved!

It could be a watch fob.
Subjects were usually horses, foxes or dogs, a hunting theme… The metal looks like very worn gold plating.

Here is an example set into cuff links:


Thank you very much.


IMHO, I think it dates from around the first quarter of the 20th century, gold plated, agate back, and by the photo, reverse carved and painted glass. I think glass due to the significant wear since glass has a hardness of 5.5 -7 and quartz is 7-7.5.


Yes, it could be glass as well.

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Bridle rosettes (usually in a pair) were a thing back in the day - they’re now getting repurposed into pendants nowadays (Rocki Gorman and Vintage Western Revival)


Now I want some bridle rosettes…

I have a set that I’ve been meaning to turn into two pendants for my sister and I for, oh, the last 10 years… I’ll get to it one of these days :crazy_face:


Make me an offer @Xtina if these are of interest. I’ve had them for years.


Carnelian back. Horse is likely reverse painted onto the back of the glass.

It is 3 dimensional. Looks like some of the cameos that were carved from sardonyx.
The glass dome is separate from the horse.

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Love the necklace. Did you make it?

I didn’t make the necklace - that image is from Western Vintage Revival. My rosettes are still in original form, waiting patiently for me to do something with them :grimacing:

When the inspiration hits , Im am sure it will be spectacular.