Horse necklace. Not of a horse, for a horse!

It measures 29.5" from the clasp to the turquoise on the bottom. It has 384 Mercury dimes made into 192 beads. 178 pieces of turquoise adorn the perimeter of the coins. Two quarters 1898 and 1899 are at the base of the naja

emphasized text. With 13 Silver Dollars going over the mercury dime beads. The Silver Dollars are dated 1899,1896,1885,1878,1887,1896,1889,1892,1887, 1883,1889,1885,1879. This Squash Blossom weighs 4.30lbs.


Sorry about the funky formatting. Never uploaded a photo before.

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That is a very lucky horse to be wearing that!

I’ve never seen anything like that, so cool.


That is one good looking necklace!

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Very cool piece! May I ask where you found it? Any interesting story behind it? Age?

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Found it in an online auction. No idea about age or maker. I imagine it is one (of a few of) a kind. My wife thinks she saw one in a museum once.


the closest I could even find was not made for a horse but has some history and info behind it, as well as a WHOPPER of a price tag.

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