How to delete a post or edit older posts?

How does one delete a post? Also, is there a time limit for edits? I can’t seem to edit my posts after awhile. Thank you

I am able to use the wrench icon to the left of the post, does yours show that?

Sorry, no wrench. Actually nothing on left. I have a pencil icon the that works for editing, but only for a while. If I wait too long, I can still click the pencil and it will bring up past edits, but no longer lets you actually edit.

my tools must be different since I am an admin. I have sent the question into discourse hosting to see if I get any feedback

Thanks Jason! What I am wanting to do is delete my introduction - it is silly.

It is NOT silly!
I think it’s a great introduction… I feel I just got to know you a little bit & would never have read it had you not been inquiring on how to delete it!?

Btw, Welcome! (a little belated)

Thank you pete, you are too kind!