How would you describe this necklace?

Does this appear to be an authentic older necklace?

How would one describe the beads etc?

Hello, welcome to the forum. The silver beads are machine made, looks like real turquoise and coral, nickel coins. Most likely an assembled piece, not sure it is Native American. Definitely has character. I included a picture of the bead.

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Thank you Jason!
Can you or anyone show me an example of a hand made bead for reference?

Here are some beads left over from an Andy Cadman necklace,

Thank you, Jason!

So a craftsman could either make their own beads or buy bulk? Are there talented artists who use pre-made and vice-versa? Or is the use of a hand made bead a sign of an elevated level of the art?

I don’t know about the beads but your barrel clasp is a clue that this is an artisan or “handmade” item as you seldom see this kind of commercially-made clasp in Native jewelry.

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Handmade beads are preferred. However, you do find a number of artists who will use machine beads. You will even have artists who take those machine beads and grind down that seam.

Thanks for the input on this one. I have a few cool thing to share, so I’m sure I’ll benefit from your experience again.
Much appreciated!