Howard S Begay Coral Cuff

I ran across a coral cuff online earlier today and the price made me do a double take. Then I realized I had one with the same hallmark. I started digging and kept getting different information. Finally, after checking online and in books I found several that matched. Now I’m here asking for confirmation from you learned people. Is this cuff truly by Howard S Begay? What type of realistic value does it have?
Thanks very much!

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2 key points on your cuffs signature I was able to match comparing to other examples found out there on the net.


1st is that glaring short bottom right leg of the “H”
2nd is the spacing and consistency of the periods between each initial.

As far as price/value I spotted a similar red coral in the 2400 zone but then another turquoise cuff seemed to be marked down from 1199.95 to 299.00

Thanks. I didn’t see the second one you mentioned. I just went back and checked the hallmark on the $2400.00 one and it is less legible than mine. I’m attaching a screenshot to show what I mean.

so now the million dollar question—-are either of them legitimate examples of his work?

The S is for his wife, I believe her name is Sarah. The other symbol is for Navajo Arts & Crafts, they sell the majority of their work there. Coral has gotten really expensive. That coral bracelet for $2400 is really impressive, as is yours. Your piece I would think around $350-$400.

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Thanks for your knowledge as always.

The S is not for his wife. Her name is not Sarah. Coral and Sleeping Beauty stones are sold by the carat, depending on the size, weight, cut and appearance of stone define the value of each piece. My father is Howard and this is his work.


Thanks for letting me know. It’s so nice to hear from a family member and know that you are getting first hand knowledge.
I am very fond of that cuff and it gets compliments every time I wear it. Would you happen to have an idea of value?
Please tell your father thanks for his beautiful work. Thank you.

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Thanks for the name information. What is the S, and is it Howard Begay? I see this hallmark all the time.

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The S is for Sam. My paternal grandmother’s middle name. Sam has been passed down for three generations in honor of her.