Hubei turquoise exports?

I’m seeing a LARGE amount of listings on Ebay for Hubei rough turquoise lately. (Some looks really, really good… some pieces almost exactly like the dark Landers Blue stuff.) Has there been a recent change, in what I recall, about no exports from Hubei? The Ebay vendor lists as being from Hubei, and has been a member since 2004. Just wondering if anyone has more info.

Can you post a link?

There was a big question about that as China locked down most of the areas in Hubei however Amazon, DHL, Aliexpress and others continued to ship because early information said the virus did not last on packages. I don’t know if any of the china import restrictions in the US prevents it but I have had no problems receiving things from China other than shipping delays of 4-6 weeks. I receive shipments in Fl. and Spain. Kyle

Even considering the mentioned " - import duties and taxes which buyers must pay.- brokerage fees payable at the point of delivery." some of these prices are very low.
(My skeptical mind keeps saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it is too good to be true.” But, my, my, these are tempting!

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I wasn’t thinking of any Covid-related shipping bans, but I thought I had heard here, that China wasn’t letting any of their really good turquoise be sold… and some of these are listed as ‘Cloud Mountain mine’, and look just like Landers Blue, as I mentioned.

Here is some I bought fron china two years ago and had it shipped to my FL address. It cut and polished like a champ! The small blue one is 92 grams. I cut these for belt buckles.