Huge silver bead necklace

I recently got this necklace of huge silver beads. It is slightly more than 22” and weighs 105g. Just for the record, I did not do the polish job. There were traces of silver polish in a couple links of chain and some of the beads had a dull look like maybe something stronger might have been used. I used a jewelry cloth and polished off the dullness.
I think they may be Native American and handmade. There are no marks. I would really like to know whether or not I’m right. Also, I have read that weight is an important factor in price and am curious about what they might be worth.
I have had a hard time with reflections in the pictures. The blue stuff that you see is the Ipad cover.
As always, thanks for the help!

Besides the weight these are really nicely made beads. We get a 24" strand made by Jeffrey Nelson that is done with a heavier weight (like yours) that go for $450. Also, it is common (or use to be) for the beads not to have a hallmark.

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Great news. I guess the only thing that will fix the bright finish is time. Do you think these are newer or just over polished? Your answers today are fast pushing you up my favorite people list. :blush: Thank you once again.

It would be difficult to determine the age, but they don’t look old to me. These are one of those things that the more you wear the better they will look.

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