Hunting 4 a Bolo Cord String Holder, Older Better 4 bottom strings 2 not bounce

Greetings from California to all kind enough to show interest.
I have several Bolos with what I call " Bobbers ". The 2 works that are attached in ( some bolos, to the ends that tend to bounce around when a heavy bolo is worn.
Old or new, coral, abalone, apple coral, red abalone, brand coral, Fred Harvey Coin or Chinese Mined, matters not.
I just need it to wear certain works.
They are rare on Ebay.
Much Thanks. Sincerely, Bartleby

I found these examples online, are these the “bobbers” you are referring to? If so, I will keep an eye open for a pair

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Yes Bree, That’s the fellows I call Boobers. Know to the ppofessional World as…Tips.
Love the tips on this Peyote Button Bolo
Just got it, I’m over the moon about it…even if it doesn’t represent what I was told,lol.

Do u have any good ones to sell?

I do not, unfortunately. But I will keep my eyes open.

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I have this one very reasonably priced. EstimateProfit on Etsy.

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Interesting. Some nice Roadrunners were done as bolos by various artists. I will take a look on Etsy, see if I find it.