I can't believe that I own this

This was my dream-come-true Zuni cluster cuff.

Her signature is partly covered by the bracelet bands.

I shouldn’t buy anything else for another two years, but I’m like an addict.


It is spectacular! Good job! It does become an addiction. I need a 12 step program for Native American jewelry. :joy:
Wear it in good health and enjoy it.


Thank you! I think it was a good buy, and a good investment, but still, it wasn’t cheap.

Very nice! I had one of those not cheap weeks recently. I will post photos when it all gets here. Coral is no very nice on it own like this. :slight_smile:

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The good things usually aren’t. I call it my retirement account.

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That is gorgeous! Alice Quam coral pieces are some of the finest available. With coral prices going through the roof, it is well worth whatever you paid.

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It looks Huge & Heavy!
Is that a “D.Q.”? For Duane Quam?

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Thanks, all. I’m not having any buyer’s remorse here, but I am usually a bargain hunter relying a sharp eye and hours of creative search terms to find things.

That is an “A” for Alice, though it’s hard to see the lower right “foot” of the “A” in that photo.

I have a large coral ring by Lorraine Waatsa that carries on the family patterning and shaping of the stones and that will look well with this cuff. Seeing the mother-daughter work united together will be another pleasure.

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Wow! What a lovely piece! Sometimes, when it’s “the one”, you just have to buy it!


I just wore this to work today, teaching in a class. I also put on a big coral ring by Lorraine Waatsa, which matches the central stone & the petit point stones immediately surrounding it. They looked great together, and I was thinking of the mother & daughter today whenever I raised my hand in front of my face.

Their work is so beautiful, so immaculate. What a gift & what an eye.

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That enjoyment is what it’s all about in the end. The other fun part is the thrill of the hunt and trying to find a bargain. I don’t remember seeing the ring but the cuff is gorgeous.

This is a beautiful piece, that coral is so rich in color!! I too have an “addiction” to Native jewelry. It’s beautiful and spiritual, I feel good when I wear it!