I Finally Bought Something for Myself!

My wife and I love turquoise and silver. Most everything that I purchase is for her to wear. This has been especially true this year as it is our 25th anniversary. I have been buying her something silver each month. The one exception this year is a great bolo I ran across. I love bolos but rarely purchase one or even have the chance to wear one. I could not pass this one up! Tell me what you think…

Oh, almost forgot’, unmarked except for a pawn code EXUZ+ The clasp is marked Bennett Pat Pend and C31 which I believe puts it in mid 50’s to mid 60’s time range


This piece is fantastic! Great stones too. I think Pat Pend did a lot of things I see her name everywhere! :slight_smile:


I think you bought a fantastic bolo! Love the stones! Congratulations!

Beautiful bolo with amazing stones, congrats. :+1:They remind me of my bracelet with Tyrone turquoise.

Beautiful bolo!! If my husband bought a bolo like that I think I would be raiding his closet. I want one!!

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