I have some pieces that I have had for a long time and hope you can help me identify them

I have jewelry that I have had for a very long time - I would really like to be able to identify the pieces, the turquoise used, and if they need to be individually listed on my insurance. I will follow this post with another as we are out of space.


Hello, thanks for sharing.

The bracelet is made by Navajo silversmith Hoskie Jim and has Lone Mountain Turquoise. I would value this piece at $1200. The buckle by Morty Johnson appears to be yellow brass with possibly Kingman Turquoise, value $110. The ring is Navajo handmade circa 1980s adn would value this at $120. I would call the buckle Navajo with Morenci Turquoise and Mediterranean Coral with a value of $700. Hope this helps

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Thanks for the valuations and identifications - I will probably insure the bracelet and the Moronic Turquoise buckle, and I will think about the other pieces.

Thanks again

Just another quick question - I included the mark on the back of the Turquoise and Coral buckle - can anyone identify this maker???

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