I have the pieces of a broken necklace... I believe this is Kingman turquoise, what can you tell me about this?

how interesting! Looks like turquoise chips, some small pieces of branch coral, and the brown pieces look like clay. I’m not sure if there’s enough of the turquoise there to make a definitive attribution to a specific mine. I’ve not seen clay beads like that before, so can’t even offer a guess as to the origin. Hopefully someone else will recognize them.


The clay beads remind me of Oaxaca (Mexican) fetish bird necklaces. I don’t think these are all pieces from the same necklace. I have never seen turquoise or coral on a clay fetish necklace.


The Turquoise might be from several different mines.
The clay beads are very unique.
The coral appears to be natural color and not dyed.

Do you have any plans for the pieces?