I love this gorgeous piece of Fox Turquoise

I just made this pendant and I am stunned at the beauty of this fox turquoise that looks like ocean waves :ocean:


Impressive and beautiful. Have you made many pieces?

Iโ€™ve been silversmithing for just a few months but Iโ€™ve made about 25 pieces so far

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this is looking very nice.

That is a nice looking pendant. Do you have an online shop?

Yes, I canโ€™t post the link here for some reason but my shop name is TigerlilyGemsJewelry or im on Instagram as : Tigerlily_gems_jewelry and the link to my Etsy is in my bio on there

Lovely and nice work!

very nice. where is Fox Turquoise mined? I never heard of it, but love the color

It is a Nevada mine. Mine Information #7