I’m learning from this site!

I saw a post wishing the last theee weeks that shows a piece like this, and another that someone else posted. When I was out hunting this weekend found this one, and knew it was special, so I bought it! Thanks for sharing, I’m learning!


Within was the correct word!

I’m just starting also. I have a cuff with that same single “Y” hallmark followed by “76”. I’ll see if I can find that recent post you referred to. thanks

I post a cuff not long ago with this same kinda of railroad styling. Your bracelet is lovely! What a great find!

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Yes, I saw your post or would likely not have noticed this bracelet! So glad I did but mine is a different artist! Thanks for sharing. I love this style!

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And mine is probably by a third artist. It works well with lots of different things.

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You’re quite welcome :blush: I couldn’t tell if I replied to you, I have been away for awhile. Trying to catch back up now.