I Messed Up Chip Inlay

I have a small cuff bracelet with Turquoise/coral inlay.
Purchased from @cristobo here.
Have been wearing it daily since late 2020.
At work, recently needed to use some high strength Iso Alcohol for cleaning.
This AM noticed that one area of the chip inlay is bulging. I will not wear the bracelet until the inlay is repaired, which makes me sad.
Any thoughts on how to repair?

I have lapidary, inlay, chip experience.
Just do not want to mess up this beautiful, small inlay bracelet.

Thank you

Can we see a picture? Maybe there is a way. kyle

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Will try to get a photo on Saturday, when I am not working.

I used e6000 glue…spread w/a pin & pushed down w/my finger.

not a “pro” job but still stuck in place :wink: