I need help deciding it this is Native American of just a necklace that someone put together

Hi, a lady I know sent me pictures of a necklace that she bought at a sale some time back. She asked it it was really NA and if I was interested in buying it. I am definitely on the fence with this one. The mixture of beads, stone and silver plus the turquoise chunks is not what I’m used to seeing. The cones are sterling and look legit. Then you move down to what looks like spiny oyster alternating with apple coral beads, then Fluted silver beads, then chunks of turquoise then a mix of round and saucer silver beads. There is also an extender section on the cone.
Can some of you please give me your opinions? Thanks

From what I’m seeing (pictures are not the best when I try to zoom in on them), it looks like something that someone “just put together,” whether that person was Native or not. It looks like all pre-purchased parts, and it’s not in the style of any particular tribe. When I see material like this, it honestly doesn’t matter to me much whether the person who assembled it was Native or not, since it’s not really Native art either way. And I also think that makes it nearly impossible to tell from the piece itself if the person who assembled it was Native, since there’s not really any craftsmanship to speak of.


Thanks. You just said what I was thinking.

This doesn’t look Native to me, more like a “crafts” piece.


The fluted beads and the crimp beads indicate to me this falls into handmade and not Native made.

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