I need help identifying & discovering history & maybe value of my 2 Turquoise rings & bracelet

I’ve had this bracelet & rings since 1975… If I don’t win the Publisher Clearing House Sweepstakes soon I’ll need to sell them but I don’t have a clue about their history or if they even have one or their value. If they aren’t worth anything I won’t be too upset because I’ll be glad to keep them but right now I just need to find ways to raise $$$.

I’d greatly appreciate any feedback or guidance. The Bracelet is signed and one of the rings looks like it might have a mark but I’m not sure so I’m attaching photos. Thank you. Any help is greatly appreciated

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Nice items.
I would research Violet and Jeff Begay, as it looks like their style/. Their Hallmarks usually does not have arrowheads on the sides.

A quick search turned up many bracelets in this style. All were priced less than $300.00, which I feel is very low if authentic. Some were attributed to Violet and/or Jeff.

Thank you How or where do I find Violet & Jeff Begay

After considerable searching I’ve found a Violet Begay related o a Jeffrey Begay in Lukachukai AZ, but it couldn’t be them because she was born 1972 . Which means she was only 3 years old when I purchased my Bracelet and he was born 1965 which would have made him only 10yrs old .
Any suggestions?

I found a bracelet by Violet and Jeffrey Begay that have a very similar stamp as mine with the arrowheads. Is it possible it’s a much older stamp? I mean, I’ve had the bracelet for close to 50 years. Or just a copy? It sold on eBay for $300 with just 2 bids. What do you think?

source: https://tucsonindianjewelry.com/product/vivian-jerry-begay-navajo-petite-point-turquoise-and-sterling-silver-bracelet/

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Thank you Steve
I see the difference is the arrow heads
How did you discover the identity, if you don’t mind my asking?

If you Google Native American jewelry with VJB Hallmark and then tap on images (at the top) that came up for me.

when the Tucson Indian Jewelry hit came up I dug a little deeper on their “about us” page.


You may want to contact them direct to establish more info on the artist they cited.

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Steve, is the only person I know who can literally find a needle in a haystack. :laughing:


@Steve sure is great at research. He had my vote on what he dug up (pun intended) on my Lander Blue buckle mine related info.