I need help with identifying the type of turquoise and the maker of the ring. Thank you!

I need help with identifying the type of turquoise and if this ring was actually made by Leekya Deyuse and if not who? Thank you for any help

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interesting read

source: https://www.newmexicomagazine.org/blog/post/stories-in-stone/

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There are several makers who have done this type of thing over the decades, with a whole lot less finesse compared to Leekya. Points to consider: Is the fetish by itself superior and full of the Leekya charm and artistry, or not? Is the silverwork notably clean and excellent? And of course, does it fit with the era of his work? Also, without fail in the fetishes I’ve seen by him the stone surface is pretty matte, so I pay attention to that.

Look at these from Shiprock, which are real Leekya and exemplify the energy and art to look for:


Makers who’ve done fetish rings (in a range of ability and price) besides Leekya: David Tsikewa, some of the Gaspers, Tim Kee Whitman, and others who use just initials.


I do appreciate the info, Thank you!

Excellent! All the info helps, I’m just trying to find out more about the ring and the artist. Thank you!