I need help with this signature

I believe this is Navajo. I’ve had it about 45 years. Any help identifying this piece is greatly appreciated.


Hello AmyA, a cleaned up signature might help on this one

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Ectcencito? is the best I can make of it.

Thank you. I just can’t figure it out.

any more clues, such as where you purchased it, anything the seller told you about it or the artist will help.

E. A. Cencito… I’m struggling to see something other than the 1st E and parts of the last 6 letter shapes. Concito, cencito, coricito, cericoo. Idk.

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It was given to me by a relative. He sold some jewelry in a case in his restaurant in Utah. I think he told me it was Navajo from AZ, but so long ago, don’t know if my memory is correct. Not much help, I know.