I read an Teddy Goodluck about Teddy Goodluck's Hallmark

I purchased a bezel set turquiose stone on a rectangular copper (1 X .75" approx.) engraved pendant. The shank is a silver loop welded to the back. The chain is probably not original.

The Markings on the back of the pendant are TG, no clover leaf. Teddy’s Farther, Grandfather and Uncles were also jewelers. Teddy recalled in this article I read, that in the early 70s, prior to adding the 4 leaf clover, he would sign only his intials TG.

The TG on the back of my pendant are a perfect match to the Hallmark TG marked inside the four leaf clover.Does this look like a piece Mr. Goodluck would have made in the early 70s? Does it look like his Hallmark in the early 70s?


Thank you!

Possibly. Teddy Goodluck does a lot of this small work. Most likely this piece was made in the 1980s when the Hunt brothers tried to corner silver market. Price got so high that artists started using copper and silver.

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Thank you. I do remember the price of silver jumping back then, now that you mention it. While silver is what is most thought of as Native American jewelry, it is a compliment to the artists to see how they used other metals as well.