I would like assistance with identifying the artist and material of this squash blossom necklace

I can read the first name and some of the last name as well as the date. But there is no sterling or other metal marking. The first name looks to be Leonese and the last name looks like Thorn… something. The piece is dated 6-6-75.

Can you show me the front of the necklace, I am assuming it is a Navajo piece just want to make sure. Also, can you try a few settings for the picture, natural light, anything that might help.

Uploading: IMG_4582.JPG… The signature is very hard to read and I couldn’t pick it up with the camera because of the reflection. I could only see it by turning the pieces side ways. I looked it over very carefully and could not find any metal stamps or markings. I will send additional photos soon. Thank you for your quick response! Cathy