I would like some information on a bracelet.The bracelet has a name engraved on the inside which says James Yazzie.I cannot find any information on this artist

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Hello, thank you for sharing. This Navajo watch bracelet is a classic 1980s style. From the image it looks like the turquoise are pieces of Kingman. I could not find any information on a James Yazzie, but the Yazzie name is very common. Many times the owner of a piece will etch their name into their jewelry, was this purchased new? You might want to post a picture of the etched name.

You have yourself one heck of a find there! The Yazzie’s are well known Navajo’s and just about enough of them to be their own tribe. No disrespect, they really are a large family… I suppose I should read what others wrote before I say anything!

Hi thank you for your response,I would be greatful for any information on this Bracelet.Thank you.

I think your James Yazzie is the same person as Jimmy Yazzie.
Compare the feathers/leaves on your piece with the leaves on this piece, signed “JY” and attributed to “Jimmy Yazzie.”

Hougarts says there is a Jim Yazzie and a Jimmy Yazzie. I don’t think we’ve reached the bottom of this.


Here is a watch made by Jimmy Yazzie. The leaves are slightly different here but the use of oversized rain beads and leaves reminds me of your watch.

I really think this is your guy.