I would love to know more about my squash blossom and possiable value

I inherited this blossom and im the third generation to have it.I dont know much about it honestly. I was wondering if i could get some input on the turquoise, age and value. It zuni on the back with the initials N.M. and also what appears to be some names i cant quite make out because they are scratched very finely.


the last name I am able to read is Panteah just above the ZUNI N.M.
these are Panteah names listed in Hobarts 5th edition.

Panteah, Albert:
Panteah, Alma:
Panteah, Augustine:
Panteah, Brad:
Panteah, Clayton:
Panteah, Esther:
Panteah, Florentine:
Panteah, Gus:
Panteah, Josie:
Panteah, Lela:
Panteah, Loren:
Panteah, Lorie:
Panteah, Martin:
Panteah, Myron:
Panteah, Olivia:
Panteah, Paula:
Panteah, Quincy:
Panteah, Rosemary:
Panteah, Wayne:

enhancement of the writing before the readable Panteah will need a bit more work

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maybe Dave? Or wayne its really hard to make out.

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@Steve different angle


much better shot

Susie Panteah Zuni New Mexico

only hit so far

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I almost said it looks like Susie.

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Once i got the better shot I thought it said susie also. This is really neat to find out some information and the amount of people with the same last name im assuming from the same family is truly amazing to me.

Im courious for insurance what the value would be for this piece, or would knowing more about the artist help with that?

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Congratulations! It’s a lovely necklace but it looks like someone used silver polish on it. It will look much better if you clean that off with a dry toothbrush and/or toothpicks. It might be tedious but your squash will look even more beautiful. :blush:

I had it looked at by an antique jewler here and was advised not to clean it. They didnt say anything about old silver polish being on it. They told me cleaning would take away the value. They just didnt know much about it because I live in the midwest and the market out here isnt what it would be out west. I can tell you it is very dusty from being in a jewelry box and not touched for at the very least…25 years.

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I certainly understand that. I live in South Carolina and the weather here will do a number on silver. When I said cleaning with a dry toothbrush and/or toothpicks I was only referring to removing the caked on old silver polish which should never have been used. The close up picture shows what looks like polish caked around the clusters of stones on the squash blossoms. I only use Sunshine cloths to lightly clean my jewelry. That way I don’t get tarnish on my clothes but still retain the patina.