Identification and value

I have a pair of earrings with B I Steling mark and can’t find information. Also there is a coral hat pin with an arrow mark and I believe to be A S H marks. Can anyone help?

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Hello, any way you can get that in focus? I just can’t make out the marks, thanks.

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Sure, I’ll try again. I will try to capture it better and will send it tomorrow. Anything about the earrings? Thank you

Hello Princeza,

As Jason stated earlier, some clearer photos would be great. As far as your coral piece, it looks more like a stick pin rather than a hat pin. A stick pin was usually worn on the lapel or collar area and can range from 1-3 inches in length. A hat pin would likely be larger than 6 inches (but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it in a hat, lol!) If I were to be selling this piece in my store, I would have a price tag ranging from $25-$30. That price is conditional, if this is actually a stick pin and not a hat pin, and if the hallmark could be attributed to an artist, the price would definitely go up!

I also am unable to see any pictures of any earrings. Please post them so we can see what you have! I hope this information helps.

Cheers, bree.

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Thank you for your reply:) The pin is really tough to photograph but the markings are an arrow and the initials ASH. The earrings are marked STERLING B1. Hope that helps a bit. Have a great day!!