Identification, two different stones

I’ve been meaning to ask whether anyone can speculate what types of turquoise these might be. The bracelet on the bottom is one of my oldest pieces of jewelry, it is hallmarked, but I have no idea as to the origin of the turquoise. The ring was my purchase in Tubac last fall and is signed R.C. Little. Both stones are slightly less brilliant than what they appear in the photos. Any guesses appreciated.


I’m gonna guess (mostly on the cuff)… Kingman? They’re lovely. Feel like I’m looking at Lake Michigan with the second.


I’m gonna guess about your ring, and say that it is also possibly Kingman. I have a slab of stabilized Kingman on a leather cord that I got from Britwest, and she says she buys them directly from the mine, so I know that’s what my stone is. Looking at it reminds of your ring.


That’s just beautiful!


Thank you, the color of yours is prettier. I wasn’t trying to take the attention off your ring, I just kept thinking the stone in it reminded me of something. I looked at my necklace and saw the black and white that’s in your stone, and in a few places mine has a little hint of the kind of squigglyish tan lines that are on the right side of your ring.