Identify 2.5 ounce southwest bracelet

I see scratching and 2 different marks. I looked for hours to find a maker. Was tested out to 88-90 % silver. Many thanks for your time and help. Weighs 2.5 ounces.


Nice cuff; I love the stones. Could the writing just be etched in by the shop it was originally sold at? Many of my pieces don’t have hallmarks.

Wait…is that possibly a TT in the second to last pic (or to back to back capital L’s)? I’m thinking the mark above the words “3 piece set” in the other pics might just be a blob in the silver.


That is an old Tobe Turpen (TT) code, $104. I imagine that code is for the three pieces. Tony attributes the piece to either Mary Morgan or Sadie Calvin. Nice find.


Many thanks for your time and knowledge.

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Weight is 83.7 grams. 1.5 inch wide top. It’s on eBay now under mailmansjunkpile

Many thanks for your time and information.