Identify artist and type of turquoise in squash blossom necklace

Can you help me identify the artist, the type of turquoise and the approximate value of this squash blossom necklace? The initials on the back are “B.Y.”<img The necklance weighs about 246 grams. src="/uploads/db1846/original/2X/7/73907d143dd38bc07642fd639afa03ec43e47745.jpg" width=“281” height=“500”>

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From what I can see of it it is a fairly modern piece as the beads are machine made. I suspect it was made by Betty Paul (Navajo) who worked for the Atkinson trading Co. It has the “look” of a shop made piece, not too fancy or a lot of extra silver used.
That is NOT to say that it isn’t a very nice piece and the turquoise which appears to be Royston are nicely matched and appear to be in good shape.
At auction it would bring $550.00 to $700.00. However replacement value would be much higher. Perhaps if Jason is around he could give you a better idea since prices have skyrocketed since I last bought one new. Around $1200.00 perhaps?

This is very helpful. Thank you.

What is a shop-made piece?

I wondered if the turquoise was Royston. All of the pieces are in great shape. And I can see where what looks like "“BY” to my eye might be “BP”.

The difference between what it might fetch at auction and your guess of its replacement value reflects a soft market for squash blossom necklaces generally? Or the fact that it’s not brand new? Something else?

It is kind of a generic term for a piece that was made by bench smiths that worked for a company (in this case Atkinson) rather than working for them selves. All the material was supplied by the shop and usually the design was limited to a practical style without to much embellishment. They were either paid a salary or per piece, hence the term piece work.
The turquoise could also be King Manassa (lickskillet) mine, hard to tell, most people prefer the solid blues of the Arizona mines, but that is an individual taste.
Betty Paul used the initials BY on her work.
Because of the increase in labour, silver and turquoise cost I think replacement value would be around $1200.00 (although Jason would be a better judge).
Because there were so many of this type made during the boom years, unless there is something spectacular about them (and that means they probably weren’t shop made) they fetch $500-700 usually at auction.
To see what I mean check out the Virgil Dishta SQ that is listed on this site for $5000.00 + WOW gotta love those Morenci cabs!

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