Identify Bracelet and Possibly Artist

Hello! Need help in Identifying this bracelet please!
Is it Navajo? Possible Time frame this piece was made and potential value.
It is beautiful and would like to know as much as possible.
Thanks so much

Hello, the picture is not with the post. If you could please add the picture of the cuff, thanks.

So sorry missed this message previously.
The bracelet is etched inside with the Marks
FF055250 and also 100-33
Thanks for your time!

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Hello, beautiful bracelet. This is a Navajo made bracelet and appears to have some age. Silver seems to have been worn down, I would feel comfortable calling this circa 1960s. The stone could possibly be a piece of Blue Gem turquoise from Nevada. It is very common for an artist to take a stone that has a crack and cover it with a piece of silver or slice it, can’t tell from the picture if the silver goes over or divides. Those etchings don’t mean anything to me, maybe a cataloging system. This is nice, $900 - $1200 if we had it.