Identify: Inlay Pendant "ES" - age? silversmith? Navajo? Zuni

I have owned this necklace with pendant for 20 years and never was able to identify the silversmith? it is stamped " E S" and “Sterling”. Also unsure itf it it a Navajo or Zuni piece. Would be great if someone can give me a hint about the silversmith and the age. I suppose it is from the 80e


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Looks like it could be Eddie Secatero. Try researching that name and hallmark, I am just weary because most of his work that I was able to find does not feature inlay. But the hall marks are identical. I also believe secatero is Navajo.

This piece is fairly modern, and you are correct, it is probably from the 80’s. As I’m sure you already know, your pendant features good quality turquoise, coral and lapis.

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Thanks for taking the time. I only have internet to research since I do live in Berlin, Germany. Next time I come to the US I will get me the book from Billie Hougart published 2016. Promised!!!
I looked up jewely made by Eddie Secatero and it looks really different. So I am not convinced that the pendant was made by him. But it is definetely a keeper for me !!!

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I agree, I am not 100 percent sure that this is Secatero. There are many artists who used an “ES” hallmark. But his mark looks similar to yours. Continue researching and keep me posted on your progress!


Hi, after doing more research I am pretty convinced this pendant was made by Elken Senter. He is Chickasaw but spent most of his life in the SW.