Identify Silversmith/Navajo? Anglo?

Haven’t been here in a long time and hope everyone is terrific. I just picked up this piece at an estate sale. They had no knowledge. No other ethnic jewelry-everything was pretty serious Italian gold.

IMO it looks 80s rich hippie Aspen/Santa Fe. I know it could be Anglo but between the silver work on the conchas and the stamped STERLING and hook and eye closure I’m thinking Navajo. Friends have suggested it’s a custom piece and I’ll never identify the artist but thought I’d post here and see if the piece rings any bells although I love it and am wearing it so it doesn’t matter, I was initially hesitant as although I loved it, I don’t collect newer (I try to stop at 60s) “fashiony” jewelry but def gave in here. TIA for any thoughts. Hope this posts correctly!


Looks like “Peyote Bird”, a boujee upmarket designer brand that used very traditional Native looking themes with lots of colored stones. The merchandise was produced overseas and marketed in higher end galleries in places like Aspen, and Santa Fe. I believe the owner was or is Mark Blythe, out of Santa Fe.


@reader Your first sentence made me chuckle 'cause it’s so spot-on. I’m looking at the necklace thinking I’ve seen upscale jewelry like this in “Cowboys & Indians” magazine over-the-years. Congrats, what a great find at an estate sale!

I’ll send them an image but my limited knowledge tells me this piece was USA made-either Navajo or Anglo in Navajo style. Every link is soldered and the hook eye clasp is traditionally Navajo. Agree totally boujee which is why I almost passed but I really thought the quality was gorgeous. Also, again in my experience and I’m sure there are exceptions to everything, every Asian made “NA” piece I’ve seen is stamped 925 not sterling. Thanks for the lead and I will send them an image.

What I did think was interesting is after I committed to the piece with my name on it but hadn’t paid as I was still shopping another shopper tried to buy it for $250 more than what it was tagged and I was told they were a dealer which kinda shocked me as they’d have to get around $1500 plus for it which I thought was nuts.

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Thanks so much. I really like it a lot even though it’s totally atypical to what I usually collect. I’m much more Depression squashes etc. but something about this boujee thing resonated. I do think it was a great buy.

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@reader Hmm, in my opinion, if a dealer was offering more than the tagged price ($250 more!) then they were confident they could re-sell & still make a profit. Makes me curious as to a retail price for your lovely necklace.

One can’t really judge from workmanship alone. What one human hand can make, another human hand can make in exactly the same way. I’ve seen a lot of Peyote Bird’s jewelry, and it’s all top notch in terms of workmanship, regardless of origin. They’ve always been forthcoming about telling people how, and where their jewelry is made, and considering the style and their market I’d expect to see “sterling” stamps on the jewelry.

The piece is beautiful, and you got a great deal on it. Easily worth multiples of the price you paid, especially at retail.


Agree. I was curious on the smith but after being told that a dealer tried to buy it from under me (how obnoxious was that-it was marked sold with my name…) at significantly more it just made me really want to try and figure out who made it. Some of these boujee pieces are going for a lot-I thought of Joan Slifka (check her out for queen of boujee collectibles) but she signed-didn’t do plain backs, used toggles and I’ve never seen a concha on her pieces. I know someone out there knows LOL.

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I hear ya and already sent Peyote Bird an image and note. I’ll post back if they get back to me. Gut feelings are merely that (and I know it) but I’ve got a serious USA vibe on this and yes I could be totally wrong.

I may write Joan Slifka too as she was also working in the same period. Hopefully some others may chime in but I thank you both for your thoughts and leads!

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K, I had to look that up. I have only heard the term bougie, not boujee (my auto correct even wants to change it to the other). Learn something new on here all the time.

Yeah, it has a rather high-end cowgirl that wants to have a little Native American style feel to me.

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Boujee comes from the music industry and at least most pronounce it correctly when spelled this way LOL…For sure the piece is boujee…I hope that aspect of it doesn’t stop me from wearing it.

Joan Slifka is boujee too and she is Navajo so I’m not convinced that my piece isn’t boujee NA…It will bug me if it’s made in Bali, Philippines, etc. That’ll be a deal killer for me and I know I’ll stop wearing it.

If you love it wear it!! You can call it whatever term you like. To me it kinda says I’m with the rodeo star :laughing:

So… I admit this is the only song I know with the word in it :grin:

And then I found this. I’m middle class, but I’m not very bougie or boujee I guess LOL

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Love your post! Thanks for taking the time!

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Joan Slifka just responded to me. How nice of her to take the time. She likes my necklace but has no clue who made it. Research continues…


Welcome, and enjoy your necklace; looks like you got a great buy. Let us know if you learn anything else.

Hmm… I do love a Starbucks latte so maybe I am a little bougie…

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Joan Slifka isn’t Navajo nor has she claimed to be. She’s a Jewish woman from New York. I’ve seen her things misattributed as Navajo or Native American many times. The work is Southwestern style.

Pretty find!


Interesting. I found her listed as Navajo on several sites! Figured it was a married name…

It’s disappointing that sites mislead, whether inadvertently or otherwise. It isn’t hard to find bio info on her if you can manage Google with a little depth, which I did as well as following my instincts. It’s relevant that neither her own site nor her authorized retailers claim she’s Native American.

Dialogue with her official Etsy account:

Agree. I didn’t do in depth research and yes it’s sad that she’s mis-identified on several sites. Meanwhile she has nothing to do with my piece-I merely mentioned her because of the similarities on the hearts and timeframe. Thought she might have some thoughts on my piece but she didn’t so back to the drawing board.