Identify the Artist

We would like to identify the artist who made this necklace. It seems to be Navajo, with all parts hand made. We are preparing to give it to our daughter-in-law, and hope to include the artist’s name.

We purchased it in an antique shop, from an estate, in 1992. The signature is ML, in cursive, capital letters. Photos attached.


That is definitely one of the larger groupings of initials. But somewhere to start.

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A great reference book.

Thank you. That is a big help. Dick Quirk

What a beautiful piece! Really like the variety in the silver bezel. The turquoise has such nice color. I can’t help with any identification but there are lots of knowledgeable people here. Welcome! Thanks for showing it here!

I went over the list and think maybe the name Milton Lasiloo deserves a little more research.

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