Identify these Navajo rugs

I bought a summer cabin and there were rugs left in it that I was certain were of native origin. I brought 2 home with me and left the other 2 at the cabin. The former owners were world travelers and spent a lot of time travelling the southwest, prior to the 1980’s I believe. I need help identifying, describing, dating, and possibly learning the value of these two.
The orange colored rug measures 77" x 50". Looking closely at the weave I can see many subtle variations in the colors, as if the orange dyed yarn wasn’t of a consistent color. It is moderately soiled from use as a rug, but doesn’t show heavy wear.
The red colored rug measures 73" x 48". It is a thicker yarn than the orange rug. The yarn dye is of a consistent color but seems to be sun faded on one end. This rug is very clean and shows no wear.
I will only post one picture of each, but have many more detailed pictures if needed.


Hello, thanks for sharing. These are Navajo rugs. It is always difficult to tell from a picture value and age, but I would guess these are circa 1940s. If we had them here in the store they would be $800 - $1200. Hope this helps.

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They are really beautiful!

One way to determine if vintage navajo is to check the weft threads on the sides. Most Navajo rugs have one weft thread on the outer edge. Rugs made in Mexico have 2. The first has beautiful, nontraditional colors for that era. The second appears to be a traditional pattern.

I just checked and they definitely have only one weft thread. Thanks for that info.