Identify Zuni artist with hallmark

Hello all,

I’m new here after coming across lots of interesting and helpful posts on here.

I am wondering if anyone could help me out find out about the artist who made my ring.

I believe this is a Zuni piece given the design, and the name is clearly M. Basselent. I cannot find anything online about this artist, only one picture of the same style ring.

I would like to know the age of the ring.
Is anyone familiar with this name or artist?

Thank you so much in advance :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the forum, t shows the name Marie Basselente in Hougart’s hallmark book marie basselente zuni jewelry

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Thank you very much - there was no ‘e’ at the end in the hallmark so I’ve been searching for the wrong name!

I can do some more research now!

If anyone can roughly date this ring I would be interested to know too :slight_smile:

Hi Earthtreasure, I’ve been making this kind of jewelry for about 35 years and can tell you that her stamp was applied before the ring was constructed. first you stamp the metal, then weld the parts onto the base,then cut around your design and file into shape, then weld the ring shank onto the base to make the ring, add your stones and buff. During the 3rd phase, if your stamp was too large or a little off center you may loose an “E” or too. This also accounts for the odd position of some stamps.
Hope this helps, Kyle


Hi Kyle, thank you so much for sharing your personal experience. It makes a lot of sense that the hallmarks would go on first, now thinking about it!

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