Identifying artist on my navajo pearls and type of turquoise

Hoping to find out who made this necklace and is this Bisbee Turquoise possibly, thank you!

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Nice looking piece! I checked the hallmark books and came up with no match. Rain Cloud hallmarks are used by both the Navajo and the Hopi, but this has a Navajo look to it. I don’t see much Hopi work with the “hand made” stamp. This may be a newer piece from the look of it. I would definitely not call this Bisbee. Kingman or Chinese is my guess, but my Turquoise I.D. skills are not as good as others on this forum to be sure! Be nice to see the cones at the clasp if there are any. Also if you can see what it is strung on. Foxtail, chain, wire etc.

What can you tell us about it? Something you just acquired? Was it just recently polished?

Hi again, no cones on this piece and it’s strung on a wire not chain, my husband bought this from a pawn shop owner that told him an old lady pawned a lot of her jewelry and never returned to get it out of pawn, they just said she loved her turquoise and always came back for it but were very surprised she never came back to get this piece, possibly she passed away, unsure of any story behind this piece other than it was at a pawn store in Gainesville Texas until my husband bought it a for days ago for me

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I did not polish this piece, it came in this came when he purchased

You should ask the pawn shop if they polished the piece. To me the beads have an aged look and I just want to say this piece has some age. I think of this as a piece of Morenci, I have seen this look in old stock that a seller brings us. The hallmark I don’t know, but like @Christibo says we think of Hopi with this style mark and the style work Navajo.

Thank you very much for your help, I’ve tried and tried to find this hallmark myself and thought I’d ask on this great site, I’m assuming from my research in the past on Navajo Pearls that being wire strung such as this necklace could mean it’s very old also, am I correct on this? I’m also seeing a very faint D.P. Or possibly B.P. Hand written close to the bottom of this pendant, I’ll keep searching and possibly the initials are of the lady that owned this, thank you!

It’s a beautiful necklace! The story behind it is kind of sad. I love and cherish my jewelry, I don’t know if I could pawn it.

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