Identifying makers mark JAMES Mason?

I went rummaging through a ring jar tonight and found this - purchased for a few dollars about 15 years ago at a yard sale.
I think it is this artist

But seems like there are plenty of fakes out there.
It seems quite beautiful and sturdy to me but would appreciate any input.
I don’t think I want to sell it but if I did, how would I find a buyer? (Assuming it’s authentic).
Thank you!

Hello, thanks for sharing. Very cool looking ring. I didn’t know that name and did some research. Found his hallmark in a couple of resources and a Gold Stream Boutique had a bunch of his items for sale. Unfortunately it seemed like that was the only place I could find the work for sale, couldn’t compare. Irene and Carl Clark are famous for this type of work and their pieces get top dollar. I have included an image of their work.

Erwin Tsosie, the brother of Ervin Tsosie, does a similar style of work. I imagine if he made a ring like that it would be around $350.

So, your ring looks good and is consistent with the other pieces we see by Chester Nez on the internet.