Identifying Old Squash Blossom Necklace

Hi all- My grandfather purchased this squash bloom necklace on a trip to Northern New Mexico/Arizona in the 1960s. I can find no maker’s mark on the necklace. It is relatively heavy but it is not magnetic. It looks like there is pyrite in the turquoise.

I’d love to learn more about it. Does anyone have a sense what kind of turquoise this is? Does it look older than the 1960s? Does it seem authentic NA-made or perhaps a low-quality imitation? I’m very new to this so excited to learn from your knowledge!


It would be good to see the back. But from what I see it looks to be fully a fully hand made Native American squash blossom necklace. If she bought it in the 60’s it was probably new then. If I didn’t know that I would have said 60’s/70’s. No good idea on the turquoise origin. Not unusual for one of that time period not to be signed or marked sterling.


I’m gonna put a quarter on Fox


You have a beautiful squash! I agree with AC and I think Steve has made a good choice of the possible origin of the turquoise. Without provenance determining the origin of the turquoise is an educated guess at best. You will probably never know the maker without a hallmark but that isn’t really important. The beauty and value is in the squash itself. Wear it in good health!


Thanks all! I’ve included a picture of the back of the naja here. I agree that the stones look quite similar to Fox examples.

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I might have found a hallmark.
That sure looks like an E and then some other letters behind it.
Maybe someone else can do a better job of zooming in on this.

“Maybe someone else can do a better job of zooming in on this.”

Calling Steve…

Here’s a squash with fox. Looks similar, but ya never know.

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